• chantalmcanales

To The Residents Of My Hall, I Am So Ready To Meet You

I moved into my hall and was greeted by an empty hallway. No cute door decorations, no clever and creative bulletin boards, and no residents. Just an empty hall, but a hall full of promise.

There is a promise in each room, and as I pass each empty room, I picture an eager freshman who can't wait to decorate their new home and meet new friends. I see celebrations, heartbreak, growth, and education in their time here. I anticipate amazing times and hard times, where we can rejoice together and support one another.

Long hours of preparation, planning, and training occupied my time up until move-in-day, and I almost doubted myself. At times I thought I wasn't the person meant to serve as a Community Leader, but God has a plan for us all. He has given me this amazing gift to serve, and I am grateful.

There will be inevitable challenges in our hall. Maybe you don't get along with your roommate. Maybe you don't get along with me. But we will overcome the obstacles that present themselves throughout the year, and we will grow from what we grow through.

On move-in-day, be prepared to be greeted by a toothy grin and a welcoming attitude. I've waited to meet you guys since I found out I was becoming a CL back in April. I've planned events, programs, and door decorations on Pinterest. I've pictured us going to football games together, having group dinners, and grabbing cups of coffee to get to know each other.

Please know that you are loved, respected, and cherished for who you are. Whatever your background is, where you come from, what issues you are dealing with, know that you are home. You are in a safe place where you will be loved and respected by not only me but the other residents in the hall.

Whatever struggles or fears you have about college, come to talk to me about them. I will kick the Keurig on and we can talk as long as you want over hot chocolate. I was in your shoes once not so long ago, and I have advice that I've learned over the course of my freshman year.

So get ready to pack those boxes and head to Baylor. Whether you are driving from somewhere nearby or flying from afar, be ready. Be ready for an amazing year, full of laughter, love, memories, and good times.

With much love,

Your Community Leader