• Chantal Canales

As We Approach Thanksgiving, It's My Dorm Residents I'm Thankful For

To the lovely residents of my hall,

These past three months with y'all have gone by SO fast. I can't believe that it is already November and we are heading into Thanksgiving and sooner than later, Christmas! This semester has flown by and I need to take a moment and say something to you lovely ladies.


You probably don't remember how shambly I was on Move-in Day, sweating in my green polo dancing along to random songs, so nervous to meet you and walk you to your rooms. I waited so long to welcome you home to Baylor, and when that day came along I didn't imagine that you all would be my wonderful residents.

There have been countless times where I thank God that He granted me this wonderful opportunity to work in this position as a Community Leader. It has taught me how to give myself grace and how to step back and allow for growth to happen. Time management and priority setting have been all over the board this semester, but I am grateful for each lesson that my job has taught me so far.

Last Spring when I found out I was going to be a Community Leader in our hall, I was over the moon. I disrupted my seven-person Spanish class and explained to my professor that I received the most important email to ever exist at the time and that I had to step out into the hall and read it to accept the job.

After getting the job that I applied for after seven long months of interviews and a class, I couldn't believe it. I quickly prepped a Pinterest board full of ideas for events and bulletin boards. I turned to write, expressing all my thoughts and hopes for the position in a letter to my future residents. After publishing that article, I received a Facebook message from an incoming freshman girl who was going to live in South Russell. She expressed how after reading the article she felt more comfortable with the transition to college, and after reading that I cried of relief, knowing that I already started my job.

I didn't imagine that I would be so blessed with such amazing residents such as y'all. You all have taught me what it means to be a CL, and I'm so thankful. I have seen y'all blossom from the first day of class to the end of your first semester of college. You are so loved and appreciated, and you make every moment of this job worth the busy schedule and tiredness. You give me the energy to go forward every day, and each of you has made such an impact on my life.