• Chantal Canales

How to Prepare for a Digital Interview

After sending in what seemed like hundreds of applications to different companies, along with your perfectly edited resumes and cover letters, you finally secured an interview. Congratulations!

But hold up, the long-awaited email response from your possible future employer says that they want to conduct a digital interview. According to Skill Meter, more and more companies are looking for ways to “hire talent quicker, better and cheaper” than your traditional face-to-face interview. But don’t worry, we got all the tips you need to ace that interview and secure your perfect internship for the fall.

Dress to impress

Even if your interview is over the phone, dress up as if you were going to the office and interview with a hiring manager. You want to feel professional when talking during your interview, and your favorite grey sweats and Comfort Colors t-shirt isn’t going to cut it. Instead, grab your best pair of pants and that cute blouse and feel your confidence radiant from within you.

Think location, location, location

Just like in real estate, where you have your interview is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re being interviewed over Skype or any form of video chat service. Don’t go to your nearest Starbucks or any place where there will be a lot of background noise. That will distract your interviewer or even prevent them from hearing you. Instead, find a quiet room in your apartment or dorm, and make sure the space behind you isn’t distracting. Make sure you tell your roommates or friends to not disturb you so that you can knock your interview out of the park!

Have a glass of water in front of you

Water works wonders for you and your pre-interview jitters. If you get nervous right before any important interview, make sure you have water with you. It’s a great way to clear your voice and calm your nerves down before connecting that video chat.

Use your resources wisely

One benefit of digital interviews is being able to have resources in front of you, like your employer’s website, your resume or even your Linked In page. They will never know if you have them in front of you, and you will look like a rock star when you can tell the hiring manager what you admire most about the company or talk about your previous experiences.

Check your Wi-fi

Wi-fi has become essential to life, and now during your digital interview, it’s more important than ever. Imagine this: You are talking to your future employer about how perfectly your experiences and past work are for the internship, and then, the internet goes out. You are left with a confused hiring manager on the other end wondering why their screen froze when they were ready to hire you. Ladies, make sure you have a solid connection for your interview because it can end your interview quicker than you think.


The increasing trend of digital interviews won’t stop you from landing the internship of your dreams. Now nothing is standing between you and your girl boss goals.