• Chantal Canales

College Culture Ruins Dressing Up For Class

Every day when I look at my closet, I get excited. Two rows of rods are full of dainty blouses, cozy sweaters, and jeans in every cut and color. Bandana scarves, gold hoop earrings, and velvet loafers are my favorite things to accessorize with, but when I walk out of my room, facing the college campus at 8 a.m., I stand out.

When I think of Baylor's fashion sense, I think of Nike shorts, oversized Comfort Color shirts, and New Balance sneakers. Don't get me wrong, you will find me on the weekend sporting a big sorority shirt and leggings as I lounge in my room all day resetting for another week of classes. There is nothing wrong with the typical college outfit. I even have an occasional lazy day during the week. But when I feel my best in my outfit and I walk out the door, suddenly my confidence drops a bit.

People always ask me, "Why are you so dressed up for class?" and I always respond, "Why not?!?" I absolutely love dressing in a button down shirt and my favorite Madewell cardigan (a bit of a splurge I know). But when people ask me that question it hurts my esteem somehow. Why question why I'm dressed up?

The college culture of dressing in shorts and a t-shirt ruins the appeal of dressing up for class sometimes. There's always a question if I have a special occasion going on or if I have an interview that day. Or if I am trying to impress someone.

No, I am not trying to impress anyone. No, I don't have an interview. I dress up for me, and no one else.

Maybe it's because I am an aspiring writer/photographer/designer dreaming of living out my life in NYC, a fashion capital. I imagine myself someday walking to my job in the latest fashions, walking confidently, I want to present my best foot forward every day.

Every day is a chance to make an impression, and I plan on using each day to make a great impression on the world. My philosophy is dress well, do well. Dressing up to class even makes me feel more prepared for my day. I can take the time in the morning to put my outfit together, feeling more relaxed as I let go of my worries even for only 20 minutes each day. It's like a morning ritual, but make it fashion.

I stick out like a sore thumb, but I don't care. I love walking around campus in my Lucky Brand denim jacket and my Warby Parker glasses.