has a story.

A college graduate. An adventure abroad. A proud author. A sweet friendship. An unexplored city. A new business venture.

Everyone deserves to have their story captured. Whether it's through photographs, designs, writing, or videos, life is creatively beautiful and messy at times, but it's your story. It's unique and it yours and it deserves to be shared.

Here is mine.

Glimmers of moments and people captured by a camera


Collection of opinions and stories captured by words



Portfolio of designs and illustrations captured by color, lines and shapes


Hi, I'm Chantal Canales.

Welcome to my portfolio and blog!

Ever since my early days in school, I have had a love for words and their power: the power to tell a story, to influence people and to impact their emotions and beliefs. From reading novels on the playground to flipping through articles in magazines, I always have had a deep appreciation for storytelling.

My career aspirations? To share people's stories.